Top 10 Benefits of COGENT's Executable Architecture Approach

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COGENT instantly transforms UML Domain Models into Executable Architectures realized as MongoDB collections and a Node JS API

10. COGENT provides substantial automation for Domain Driven Design.   DDD is a popular design approach that has been proven successful over many years.   COGENT turns UML Domain Models into executable Mongo DB and Node JS code.

9. Domain Driven Architectures are the most resilient to change because the problem domain generally changes much more slowly than the software requirements.

8. A common, shared understanding of the problem domain is a critical success factor on most software projects.   Without a shared understanding of the problem, solutions are always chaotic.

7. Different use cases share information through common domain objects.   This information sharing is made visible when use cases are decomposed into models, views, and controllers.

6. Prototyping against a live database early in the project enables feedback-driven database design.

5. Availability of REST APIs for common database access functions make it easy to develop for multiple client platforms.

4. Executable Architectures simplify collaboration among a large group of developers.  Everybody's code plugs into the architecture.

3. Manual coding of common database access functions is tedious, slow, error-prone, and expensive.

2. Getting to code immediately at project inception is the true essence of agility.

1. Executable Architectures are a key enabler of massively parallel development and elastic staffing.