Transform your UML Domain Model into an Executable Architecture

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COGENT is the brains behind the Parallel Agile Add-In for Enterprise Architect.   It's a cloud-based code generator that turns your UML diagrams into executable code.  More specifically, COGENT transforms a domain model (class diagram) into a set of NoSQL (Mongo DB) collections, generates the basic set of database access functions, and wraps those access functions in a REST API (Node JS).   Mongo and Node are our initial targets for COGENT, so if  you're doing MEAN Stack development this functionality is immediately useful.   We'll be adding additional target databases and APIs on an ongoing basis.

With COGENT, if you can draw Domain Models in UML, you can code MongoDB collections and a Node JS API

To try COGENT for free, download the Parallel Agile Add-In from the Sparx Systems website.  After you install it into Enterprise Architect, simply right click on your domain model package and choose Specialize -> Parallel Agile.   You'll be prompted to create an account on the Parallel Agile website.  Once you have an account, generation proceeds instantly and you simply download the project in a zip file.  

Code in 60 Seconds.    No more writing GET/PUT/POST code by hand or building API wrappers.

If you're working with a free trial evaluation we'll cloud-host your database and API for you for testing, but only the API documentation is downloadable. 

COGENT makes your domain driven architecture executable by instantly producing the following items:

API calls are instantly available for common database access functions for all collections.

COGENT generates database access functions to Create, Read One, Read Many/All, Modify, Replace, and Delete anything in the database.  These API calls are then documented in Swagger.

API availability simplifies integration for multiple collaborating developers, whether your team size is small, medium, or large

Schema validation code is also generated automatically.

Generated code is generally bug-free and robust compared to tedious hand-coding

COGENT is a simple, cost-effective solution that can give your project a big boost into hyperdrive.  But don't take our word for it, try it and see for yourself.