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If you've been wondering how to use AI to dramatically accelerate your systems engineering work, this class is for you. At the end of this 5-day class, students will be familiar with "the four pillars of SysML" (Requirements, Structure, Behavior and Parametrics), and will also know how to structure their SysML models to account for software, then generate User Interface Code from Behavior Models, Database Code from Structure Models, and Microcontroller Code from State Machines. Watch an in-depth description of AIM Training on YouTube.

Importantly, you'll learn how to use AI as a "subject matter expert" in defining the system/software model. Students will model a Scanning Electron Microscope (both hardware and software) as their lab exercise, learning how to ask the right questions (i.e. prompts) to get help from AI in constructing the model.

Also, if you've ever wondered why most SysML models pretend that software doesn't exist and how that can be changed, this class is definitely for you. Watch "Without Software there is no System" on YouTube.