Parallel Agile CodeBot™

CodeBot may be purchased as a standalone license or in a bundle with LemonTree from LieberLieber Software. LemonTree offers state-of-the-art version control on Sparx Systems Enterprise Architect UML models, including visual differencing, 3-way merge, and baseline management capabilities.

With CodeBot, the UML model is the code. With CodeBot + LemonTree, you can manage your UML models across a team the way you manage source code.

Paid Edition
  • Generate database access API
  • Generate API documentation
  • Generate UX code from wireframes
  • Download generated code for hosting
  • Automatic hosting of web app for testing
CodeBot + LemonTree
Bundle Price $1499
  • Generate Database access API
  • Generate UX code
  • Visual Differencing on EA Models
  • Advanced Model Merge
  • Baseline Management
Training and Consulting Available
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