MBSE: Software Intensive Systems Modeling with SysML and CodeBot
Course Objective:

At the end of this 5-day class, students will be familiar with "the four pillars of SysML" (Requirements, Structure, Behavior and Parametrics), and will know how to generate UX code from Behavior models, and database API code from Structure models.

Course can be delivered using Cameo/MagicDraw and/or Sparx Enterprise Architect.  

Individual training modules  (SysML and CodeBot) can be purchased separately.

Course Contents


Intro to Software Intensive Systems Modeling

AM: Introduction to SysML
PM: Introduction to Code Generation with CodeBot


SysML Requirements and Structural Models

AM: Requirements Modeling with SysML
PM: BDDs, Class Diagrams, IBDs


SysML Behavior and Parametric Models

AM: Use Cases, Activity and Sequence Diagrams

PM: Requirements Traceability, State Machines, Parametrics

Who should attend?
Developers, architects, development managers, and technical executives
Determination to accelerate your software projects without sacrificing quality
Customized Delivery
Training isn't one-size-fits-all. Courses are delivered remotely via Zoom or - when conditions permit - onsite at your facility. The modules listed in each of these courses can be mixed and matched to fit your requirements.
Courses Available
Introduction to Parallel Agile
  • Managing parallel development
  • Simplifying the Spiral Model
  • Domain-Driven Design, and Design Driven Testing
  • Using CodeBot - generate a full-stack application from your domain model
  • CodeBot UX - generate fully functional web applications from wireframes integrated with your domain model and business rules
  • How to accelerate your project's schedule by deploying large teams working in parallel, with tactical use of CodeBot to move rapidly from a working proof-of-concept to production-ready software
Avoiding Common Scrum Antipatterns
  • Understanding the Agile mindset
  • Scrum as it should be: Exploring misconceptions about Scrum roles, events and artifacts... and how to approach each one properly
  • Scrum and Parallel Agile combined: PA with backlogs and a small team
Use Case Driven Object Modeling
  • Requirements definition - domain modeling, use case modeling
  • Conceptual design - robustness analysis, preliminary design review
  • Design and coding - critical design review, getting from detailed design to code, code review and model update
  • Testing and requirements traceability (Design Driven Testing)
Intro to SysML: Modeling Software Intensive Systems
  • The Four Pillars of SysML - Requirements, Structure, Behavior, Parametrics
  • From system concept to requirements
  • Modeling the system block structure and system behavior
  • Defining constraints and parameters
  • Simulating the model
  • Implementing and testing the modeled hardware and software
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