Step into the future where Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not just a tool but a collaborator in systems engineering. Learn how AI, as a subject matter expert (#AISME), can significantly enhance the process of defining requirements, writing use cases, creating SysML models, and generating code.
Without Software There is No System.  Delve into the often overlooked yet crucial role of software in SysML and MBSE. The book sheds light on the imperative need to incorporate software components in system models to accurately represent system behavior, focusing on AI's ability to generate microcontroller code, user interface code, and database code.

Engage with a comprehensive, step-by-step design of a Scanning Electron Microscope, illustrated throughout the book. This real-world example, enriched with AI’s assistance at every phase, serves as a tangible proof of the innovative concepts discussed, making the narrative both informative and captivating.

Parallel Agile -- faster delivery, fewer defects, lower cost

Parallel Agile -- faster delivery, fewer defects, lower cost

Why isn't it possible to accelerate software projects by adding staff? In Fred Brooks’ 1975 book The Mythical Man-Month, he declares that “adding more programmers to a late software project makes it later,” and this has proven true over the decades.

Aided by code generation that quickly creates database and API code, Parallel Agile (PA) achieves significant schedule compression using parallelism: as many developers as necessary can independently and concurrently develop the scenarios from initial prototype through production code. Projects can scale by elastic staffing, rather than by stretching schedules for larger development efforts. Schedule compression with a large team of developers working in parallel is analogous to hardware acceleration of compute problems using parallel CPUs.

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