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What does AIM Training cost?

The normal class is 3 days long and covers both systems engineering and software engineering. Default pricing is $4,000 per day for Remote Delivery (Zoom) up to 12 students. For larger classes (up to 20 students maximum), the cost is $5,000 per day. For classes conducted on-site, additional costs for travel will apply. Contact us for a quotation.

Can the training be tailored for a specific project?

By default, the example project is the Scanning Electron Microscope. However, the class can be tailored to a client's project ("jumpstart" format), conducted under NDA. In this format, the class example is your project, and your project will be significantly accelerated by the class. There is an additional $1000/day cost for a "jumpstart" class.

Is AIM Training a complete SysML training course?

Yes, we cover all four pillars of SysML (Requirements, Structure, Behavior, and Parametrics) and all 9 SysML diagram types. But with AIM Training, you'll learn how to accelerate your modeling using AI.

Can the SysML training be separated from the software training?

Yes, the class can be separated into a 2 Day SysML class and a 1 Day Software Class. However, it's most effective as an integrated 3 day class. That's because Without Software there is no System.

What modeling tools are used?

The class can be delivered with either Cameo Systems Modeler or Sparx Enterprise Architect. Students must provide their own license.

Do I need a paid license for any AI chatbots?

Most of the prompts used in the class work with a no-cost ChatGPT 3.5 license. A few, for example generating C++ code from a state diagram image, require the ability to upload a file (i.e. GPT4).

Is public, open-enrollment training available?

Classes are being organized now, you can register your interest here.

Is AIM Training available in Europe?

Yes, through our partners at oose in Hamburg, Germany.  For European classes we deliver our 3 day training class as 5 half-day sessions.  We can deliver remote training worldwide in this format.

Is there an accompanying textbook?

Yes, check out AI Assisted MBSE with SysML.

Is there a video that describes the training in detail?

Yes, watch AI Assisted MBSE - Hitting the Center of the Bullseye on YouTube.